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The term Diatonic implies the use of an exclusive collection of notes, a scale, to create melody or harmony. Diatonic harmony is chord progression written with chords from one harmonized scale. Most typically this scale is the Diatonic scale, or major scale [Ionian mode].

Diatonic: The use of only seven tones of a standard scale without chromatic alterations; contained within a scale, usually the major scale.

Traditional diatonic harmony uses the chords from the diatonic major scale, excluding the VIIm7b5 chord. Some of the ways in which these chords are organized include Functional Harmony and Cadence.

Available Diatonic Chords
||  Imaj7 | IIm7 | IIIm7 | IVmaj7 | V7 | VIm7  ||
||  Cmaj7 | Dm7 | Em7 | Fmaj7 | G7 | Am7  ||
Functional Harmony
Tonic Sub-Dominant Dominant
Imaj7  VIm7  [IIIm7]
Cmaj7  Am7  [Em7]
IVmaj7  IIm7
Fmaj7  Dm7
Plagel (Amen) [sub-dominant] Authentic [dominant]
F  C
V7--> I
G7--> C

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