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Triads are constructed using the first three odd-numbered notes of a seven-note scale (with exceptions), or by moving up twice in skips or thirds from any note within a seven-note scale (as in a harmonized scale). The quality of the triad is determined by its comparison to a paralell major scale. If it matches the first, third and fifth note, it is a major chord [ maj, mj, ]. Alterations from this chord are described in chord formulas, which are used to create chord symbols.

Major 1 - 3 - 5 of major scale C
Minor b3 Cm [ Cmin ] [ C- ]
Diminished b3, b5 Cdim [ Co ]
Augmented #5 Caug [C+]
Flat Five b5 Cb5 [ C(b5) ]
Suspended Fourth 4/3
scale degree 4 replaces scale degree 3
Csus4 [ Csus ]

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