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BMUC by Frank Singer aka chelaBOP 2002   

BMUC is an original hiphop lyric on the subject of racism. The perspective is an unusual one on the topic. chelaBOP freestyles live shows in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States with One World Tribe. 

    verse 1    "Now who's the mother-fucker with the white skin rapping..."
    verse 2    Now as a white man I hear all kinds of shit...
    verse 3    Do you think that being white makes you better?...
    verse 4    A thought comes into your head and then sits...
    verse 5    Now after all of this, if you still miss the point...

"Now who's the mother-fucker with the white skin rapping
And the long, straight hair and blue eyes, was I napping?
Did I dream this, or am I awake?
" Well, get real
'Cause I'm here, and I'm rapping, and I ain't no fake
Now I ain't trying to be black, I ain't wacked, 
I don't hear all of that, no, I ain't the next Elvis or
Vanilla Ice, I don't moonwalk, jive-talk
Steal black art, or take part in perpetuating
Stereotypes, but I open my mind
To whatever I find, and if the truth don't fit in
To the world as I see it, then I need a new view
Like the rest of my crew, we believe it, you've got to raise your
Consciousness, 'cause if we don't stand together
Then we'll all get dissed, we'll be seeing heavy weather
Like birds of a feather, we'll be shot from the skies,
So let's get to it, before we're all dead from the lies   

Now as a white man I hear all kinds of shit
Brothers talk about women like they're nothing but tits
But my best friend is a woman and my wife, and I'm straight
'Cause of this I hear talk of homosexual hate 
I get CRAZY! Like people are just too lazy to think
Or they're afraid, well, that's ignorance, the national stink
But the topic for today is what we started in
That's the suicide of taking pride in skin that has no melanin
WHAT IS THIS?! Racism is a mental cancer
First it makes you stupid by providing the wrong answer
To your problem. Solution? To deny evolution
But your low-down pressing gonna lead to revolution
Don't you get it? If you let it in your mind you go insane!
Soon you're wearing hoods, and then it rots your brain
"But you don't mean me!", you might say, well, check it
Every sickness has signs, let's see if you're infected   

Do you think that being white makes you better?
Do you see Mexicans as a national threat?
Or do black people walking down the street make you nervous?
I guess Jews have all the money in your small universe
These are all what we call stereotypes
Neatly packed images the media hypes
They don't mean it, it just makes it easy to sell CRAP
Or blow a weak story to a flaming hell
Now if you buy it, you relate to the people you see
As though they're some characters on TV
If you find yourself pointing the finger at people you don't know
You might as well have your own show
You see, generalizing is the road to hell
In your mind, you allowed a false image to gel
Destroy all these icons and listen to me
Recondition your mind so we can all be free
"Now why worry about what I think?", you might ask
But in a spiritual life this is the only task
Contrary to what you were taught, here's the way
All of us, together, make the world every day   

A thought comes into your head and then sits
If you don't truth-check it, then it starts to fit in
After a while, you accept it as fact
And like a magnet, other ideas attract
This could be good, or destructive, or wrong
You might just believe that your life is a song
But if you think some other group is the enemy
Then you apply your immense creativity
Sending out signals through your own brain chemistry
This is a scientific fact, not a fantasy
When you're afraid, full of anger, or hate
This is transmitted through the air
You only relate to the people you meet who fit in
To the neat little boxes you created, 'good-guy, bad-guy',
It's toxic. This is the way poison enters
The system of the conscious mind
De-mystifying is the only cure
The way to be sure is to write down what you think about race
Read it back. Does it stink? Or, say it out loud
Listen back. Did you blink? Were you stunned by the so-called
Truth in your head? Don't you realize that hate leaves
A part of you dead? Now don't freak
The universe only has one truism
Nothing is permanent - not even racism
Just like the devil in the light of day
Lies evaporate, but honesty's the only way
Remember - respect is not a logical conclusion
But the heart of faith unchained by illusion   

Now after all of this, if you still miss the point
I guess I'll have to play on your paranoia
See, color of skin doesn't help to identify 
Character, all of us are getting wise
To the lies, so we judge for ourselves, open-eyed
Guess what? No way to tell who is or is not
A racist, supremacist, power-grabbing hedonist
Or a Brother Of Peace, or freedom, or unity
That's what y'all used to call an "N-lover"
That's what I call a Black Man Under Cover
Now you better watch your back, 'cause what you say to me gets
Back to my crew, no matter what color, walls down, you're through
We'll expose all your nasty little ways
'Till your cover is blown, and fighters for justice
Can all go home to peace you deny
Through fear, hate and greed, so watch what you say
'Cause we're all taking heed
Ears up
We'll be listening    - chelaBOP 2002



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