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Gigs: May '03 
Cat's A Bear 
[ http://www.catsabear.com ]
with CHERYL HODGE  [ http://www.jazzboulevard.com/index.html ]
Live at the Papermoon Restaurant in Erie
[ http://www.artaloneendures.com ]

Cheryl Hodge at the piano, next to her first CD, entitled "Tonight I'm Wearing Basic Black"Cheryl Hodge came to visit us from Nelson, (B.C.), Canada, and delighted visitors to the Papermoon (heart of jazz in Erie, Pennsylvania) on the first Saturday of May. She performed a set at the piano, playing and singing standards. She then joined forces with Cat's A Bear  for three sets of jazz, including many of her original compositions. Cheryl has two CDs available [ at jazzboulevard.com ] which contain many of her earlier originals, a few of which she pulled out of her hat for this evening of fine music.
In addition to her incredible technique, range, and flawless intonation, she brings a pure pleasure to her performance, and a deep desire to have a good time. She is a gifted and talented performer and composer, and somehow manages to survive gigging with the untamable Cat's A Bear! We hope to be doing more work together in the future, including some recording and performing in the U.S. and Canada.
I took these shots during a trio performance of one of Cheryl's ballads, with Phil joining in towards the end.

Cheryl taking a moment to prepare for the group sets Getting the note just right

Relaxing into the note

Click thumbnail for individual shots. Click photo to return to the thumbnail group.

Cheryl at the keys

Tony gets focused

Joe sets the tone

Trio 1 Trio 2 - more humor Trio 3 - in the groove
Phil joins in for the finish Tony plays Joe plays the rhythm section

Visit JazzBoulevard.com/Recordings to purchase these CDs:
Original Article
Live and Alive
Strings, Necks and C(h)ords
Tonight I'm Wearing Basic Black

Cheryl has also written a vocalist's manual:
"A Singer's Guide to the Well-Trained and Powerful Voice"

For more on Cheryl Hodge, visit her website.

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