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Frank's latest CD, oFF tHE tOP: standards 1, features his solo guitar work on jazz standards such as My Romance and Watch What Happens. For more, click here



I began playing solo while living in Boston in the 1980s. I played opening sets for general business jobs, and played for tips and dinner at restaurants (ones with good food!). From there I picked up private jobs for parties and celebrations, as well as business functions. Other venues include classrooms, concert halls and festivals. 

I have continued to perform as a soloist, and I also have extensive experience as a sideman for vocalists in a duo setting. While definitely more relaxing during the heads, the solo sections are equally as challenging, and that doesn't mean I don't end up playing the melody as well. 

My solo jazz guitar album, oFF tHE tOP: standards 1, features twelve jazz standards played direct to disc, most in one take. I sought to present the spontaneous feel of a live performance with the fidelity of a CD, and stopped only for head errors and sound recording problems. While there are some interesting moments, form and tempo are maintained throughout, barring rubato passages. In fact, several of my musician friends, especially bass players, tell me they like playing with the disc, since they can work on their bass lines and time playing. Thanks for listening!

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