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Trebor - the original Naked Kitty! / Trebor, like all cats, had his favorite places to be scratched. Unfortunately, he liked to put this part of himself directly in your face, and although cat breath is bad enough, let's just say it wasn't the toothy end...




chela means student, which means that I study / B is for Brother, that's friend, crew, or buddy / O is for Of, as in with, in, or near it / P is for Peace in your heart, mind and spirit











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what Frodo saw 
in the eye 
of Sauron

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artwork, photography, web design, graphics, layout

MOST of the artwork on the site is original. A few clip art items are used as enhancements, including some provided by the American Federation of Musicians. The top border was created from a photo of the sky. The main left sidebar is a photo of flame in a fireplace, and the main right sidebar is a photo of ashes on snow. The backdrop for the links page is a photo of late afternoon sun through the trees in my backyard. All graphics processing by chelaBOP.

PHOTOS were shot by chelaBOP, Vinnie Stefanelli (Tito Ripley '02), Kevin Pollifrone (Tito JazzWalk '02), and many others who deserve credit, but whom I don't know or recall. 

WEB design by chelaBOP. Much thanks to Wendy Kallgren at PennState, Jennifer Stefanelli for all her patience and assistance, Tony S. for the Jenny hook-up, and Mary for browsing and putting up with me during this project (and in general).

ALL graphic design and processing by chelaBOP. Many thanks to Eric Sampson for his assistance. 

LAYOUT by chelaBOP. Many thanks to Jennifer and Tony Stefanelli, Mary Connerty, and Joe Dorris for their proof-browsing and critiques. Thanks, Jenny, for keeping me on the straight-and-narrow (as much as anyone possibly can...).

Many people help, teach, challenge, inspire, focus, and bless chelaBOP, during projects like this, and with life in general. Thanks and blessings to you all.

peace - chelaBOP




graffiti art

in the words of Brother Marley
"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds"





RED for the world