JD Jazz: And That's OK...

Joe Dorris - Vocals
Frank Singer - Guitar

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Bob Protzman Review:

Erie Life Magazine
July 2009

JD Jazz: And That's OK...(Naked Kitty Productions) 2.5 asterisks out of 4

Erie duo holds nothing back on album of standards

The first plus here from Erie-ites Frank Singer (guitar) and Joe Dorris (vocals) is the song selection - some great and surprising jazz and/or pop standards, especially "Stolen Moments" and "Silent Love." And when's the last time you heard a vocal on Sonny Rollins "Doxy"? Singer does his usual thing - playing exceptional guitar - while Dorris is the daring one, dropping his sticks to sing (and scat). Dorris' voice is so deep and grainy it could frighten small children, but it proves there is more to singing than having an easy-on-the-ears voice. Expressive, energetic, yes, sensitive - whether swinging or telling a great love story - Dorris sings like he cares, and that counts for a lot.

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