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The Entropic Network Tracking System (ENTS) reported this week that entropy has returned to a more normal seasonal pattern as anticipated. ENTS spokesperson Leif Branches stated "We have seen the worst of this seasonal incursion. The next wave of entropic spikes should appear in their yearly cycle in the beginning of August."

The spring was laden with waves of indigo spikes, peaking during the annual wavering nanosecond pattern on the 15th of April, due to the Insatiable Rotating Singularity - Telemetry Axis A (IRS-TAx) effect, with pre and post phenomena occurring as predicted, but at much higher levels. This was greatly and unexpectedly intensified this year, as was the general level of entropy.

Responding to the questioning about the faulty predictions of winter's forecast, Branches indicated reassessment was already underway. "Every department is pouring over data from the beginning of the project, including hand-written logs from the middle of the last century, and journals from Seldon and Hansen, the originators of entropic theory."

"Our preliminary evaluations show that certain warning factors were in place before the unpredicted spikes, and that this has happened before. We feel confident that we have identified these factors, and have ways of discerning their appearance at least a month in advance." Signs do show a resurgence will occur by the end of the summer. ENTS predicts that medium blue levels with green waves will open the entrance into summer, and that trend will continue until the August spikes.

"The best data we have so far shows a return to more normal entropy for the near future", states Branches. He  reiterated the recommendations of ENTS that deep breathing, the practice of mental alertness, a good diet, and CDs from Naked Kitty Productions have all been shown to inhibit the extreme effects of entropy.

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