Since organizing and developing my arranging skills at Berklee College of Music, I have adapted them to a variety of situations. I have arranged covers and originals for bands and clients, sequenced parts for songwriters in advance and on-the-fly, enhanced piano scores with strings, and transcribed existing music for varying instrumentation. I have worked with solo, duo, trio and larger ensemble textures, including string quartet, big band, and orchestral forms. 

Clients have included Long School of the Dance, Diana Fisher, Tom Fallon, Mark LeMaire, Bob Shea, Tony Tobio, James Ligons, Euphoria Sound Studios, Cycling Troll Studios, and Midtown Recording Studios. I have arranged for Cat's A Bear, JD Blues, One World Tribe, and many other original and commercial groups. Many of my compositions are fully arranged. 

I am available for various arranging services on an individual basis. Payment is based on an hourly rate, and time / cost estimates will be rough figures. 
Contact me for more information, specifying arranging and including a basic idea of your project's parameters.

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