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Jam Along Modal 1 CD - for Fun and Learning

The Jam Along Modal 1 CD is a fun learning tool that provides the opportunity to play along, or sing along, with clear, well-balanced backing tracks that have rock-steady time. With nine instrumental Ionian and Dorian progressions at your disposal, you can jam along any time you want to. These tracks can really help you get the feel of playing in the modes, and make the time spent learning fun and easy.

American music exploits the use of modes in Blues, Funk, Reggae, Latin, Rock, Folk, Country...virtually every style. The Ionian mode, or Diatonic Scale, generates the typical Folk, Country and simple Blues and Pop harmony sounds of Americana. Reggae also makes common use of this scale for many classic songs.

The Dorian mode is the Modal Scale most commonly used with the Blues. This music form is so pervasive it has, at times, dominated the American Music scene. Hard Rock is the lastest example of music that is saturated with the Blues. The sound is so strong, it even works over Mixolydian progressions which are actually Major in tonality. Mixolydian progressions will be included in the Modal 2 CD.

Jam Along CDs are easy to use

Simply play the CD in any standard audio CD player or computer CD drive, and jam along. There are no solos, vocals or melodies, just background tracks, so you can really stretch out. Each track lasts at least five or six minutes, so there is lots of solo time for you to try out new ideas and work on improving old ones.

Materials are provided online in PDF format at www.jamalongcds.com/modal1/modal1materials.htm , including all progressions and solo scales for concert pitch, Bb, and Eb instruments. 

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Who can use Jam Along CDs?

Keyboard Players
Harmonica Players
Any Melodic Instrument
Any Percussion Instrument
Anyone who wants to Jam Along!

More fun than a metronome!
Highly portable!
Variable tempos, keys and forms.




9 Modal Progressions

Ascending Ballad (C Ionian) 

Descending Reggae (C Ionain) 

Tears In Heaven Loop (A/G Ionian) 

Moonwalk Swing (A Dorian) 

Oye-style Cha Cha Latin (A Dorian) 

Evil Latin-Rock Vamp (G Dorian) 

Magic Funk Vamp (C Dorian) 

Lizard Funk (Bb Dorian) 

Favorite Jazz-Waltz Vamp (E Dorian) 


Recorded at 1 Grizzly Cat Place Studios

Drum Sequence, Keyboard Bass, Organ, Piano, Horn Synthesizer, Guitar Parts played, arranged and organized by Frank Singer

Produced and Mixed by Frank Singer

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PDF Materials here



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