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Armed and Dangerous by One World Tribe

Armed and Dangerous is One World Tribe's third CD, released in the fall of 2008. In keeping with the diverse musical styles and influences coming together in the group, this CD uses Hip Hop as the connection between songs that have Reggae, Funk, Latin, and World Beat underpinnings, as well as straight-ahead Hip Hop.

From the balls-to-the-wall Do U Have a Plan? to the hopeful Imagine, each cut moves you with OWT's trademark grooves, tight vocals, and soaring solos. Tribe's patented solid rhythm is ever-present, keeping the CD as eminently danceable as the last two.

If you are a hate-mongering, racist hawk who believes in separation between peoples, class wars and intolerance, this is not the CD for you. If you are fed up with all the reasons why we CAN'T get along, then grab a copy of Armed and Dangerous and hear some reasons why we CAN.

One World Tribe brings you Hip-Hop, Latin, Funk, Reggae and World Beat in the groove style

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The Band

Kennedy Thompson
   - vocals, percussion, keyboards
Frank Singer
   - mc, keyboards, guitar
Preach Freedom
   - vocals, percussion, keyboards
Mark Collichia
   - drums
Kenny Hollis
   - guitar
Mike Chin
   - bass
Ringo Brill
   - percussion
Baba Raymond Sylla
   - percussion
DJ Chilly J
   - mc
Kennedy Lorya
   - vocals
Kristen Lee
   - vocals
Lauren Hughes
   - background vocals

Tracks with audio samples

1. Do You Have A Plan?
Preach Freedom

        download | stream
2. Queen
K. Lucas, C. Lewis, B. Cissiko, K. Thompson

        download | stream

3. Baba Simba
Preach Freedom

        download | stream
4. Lockdown
chelaBOP. DJ Chilly J, K. Thompson, Preach Freedom

        download | stream
5. Tropical Love
K. Lorya, M. Joseph, K. Prince

        download | stream

6. Yagnimone Mama M' BNamba
Preach Freedom, M. Diagne, K. Thompson, F. Singer, R. Sylla

        download | stream

7. Inner City War
K. Lorya

        download | stream

8. Get On The Floor
K. Thompson, C. Lewis, E. Lozada

        download | stream

9. Ghetto
Preach Freedom, R. Scott, Vic, S.

        download | stream

10. Pure MC
DJ Chilly J, K. Thompson

        download | stream

11. Marcus Garvey
Preach Freedom

        download | stream

12. 4-20 | Liberation Day

        download | stream

4. Imagine
K. Thompson, D. Jackson

        download | stream




produced by One World Tribe

assistant producer Duane "Sugaman" Jackson

engineered by Shawn Hammer & Randy Hetherington

artwork Matty Walker

executive producer Kingpin for Billionaire Records


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