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Ride A Wave from Too Big Power

Too Big Power is an Experimental Rock Three Piece combo of aggressive, groundbreaking answer to the public's cry for new music. Too Big Power is an uncompromising band emerging from Pennsylvania, that fuses fluent rock and jazz themes into one cohesive sound that will leave listeners instantly hooked and begging for more. Too Big Power is a unique gem of a band with driving rhythms used to create a sonic foundation under melodic movements. Too Big Power's drummer, Jayson Hopkins, was instrumental in building the Erie Hardcore scene with his former band, Skudd. He brings that same talent to the table providing an edge for Too Big's melodic lines and harmonized vocals.

Too Big History 
Too Big Power
was born on March 15, 2005 with long time friends and colleagues Joe Frisina (Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals) and Jayson Hopkins (Songwriter, Acoustic Kit, Electric Kit, Percussion). Joe and Jayson have appreciated each others music from separate bands, but this is their first High-Powered collaboration. Jayson was one of the founders of Skudd, one of the pioneers of Hardcore in Erie, PA. Joe founded Nitro Joe and The Jam Dragons in 1998 which Changed to the Jam Dragons in 1999. Both Joe and Jayson record and perform true improvisational music with JD and the Sons of Rhythm. Their hard driving rhythms, jazzed up melodies and vocal harmonies, accompanied by the wizardry of Frank Singer on bass contribute to Too Big's avant garde and truly original sound that will envelope your life and music as we know it. 

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The Band

Joseph Frisina
   - compositions, vocals, guitar
Jayson Hopkins
   - drums
Frank Singer
   - bass, keyboards, guitar



recorded at Midtown Recording Studio

engineered by Randy Hetherington

Tracks with audio samples

1. Early Bird
download | stream

2. Passing Souls
download | stream  

3. Ride A Wave
download | stream  

4. Aqua Drop
download | stream  

5. A Song From My Strings 
download | stream  

6. Daughter of the Maiter d' 
download | stream  

7. Macroscopic Imagination 
download | stream  

8. Police Chase
download | stream  

9. Playing Around With Time
download | stream  

10. Sample
download | stream  

11. Sweet Sugarbutter
download | stream  

12. Thunderdogg
download | stream  

13. You Never Do
download | stream  

14. You Need To Know
download | stream  




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