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HEALTH TIPS for the Uninsured


Dalai Lama Life Instructions

I Have a Dream
(M. L. King, Jr. speech)



Click here to return to the Theory DenNow that I've got your attention, I'm actually a bit serious about the subject of staying healthy. NOT (hopefully) to the point of obsession or fanaticism, but definitely to the point of disciplining ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. I would also add to that staying clear of the current health care system as much as humanly possible.

To that end, a list of links to various articles, perspectives, and information about "doing it yourself" follows.

Optimal Wellness Center - Northeast Ohio's Premier Holistic Health Center



drink lots of it, no cubes more   
[ water stats ]


greatest cough drop ever, digestive aid more

well, it really IS the cornerstone of health, and wishing won't make it go away.




nothing sharp or pointed (usually) more


NOT just a fancy title for a foot rub! more


think you know how? think again! more


grounding, stretching and moving more


from zen to kundalini more


a huge subject more
martial arts


musician, defend thyself! more


comprehensive grounding more
TBM - 
Total Body Modification


a chiropractic technique - the five pillars... more
Men's Health Tip    


looking really is good for you! more


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