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Beyond Attention by J.D. and the Sons of RhythmImprovised Jazz-World Fusion

Complex rhythm patterns and driving grooves change into primal beats, locked into with ease and precision by J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm. A dialog of solos and chords erupts in Funk, World-Beat and Swing as shades of Miles Davis meet the sounds of Ornette Coleman. Dream-like ballads interspersed with funky grooves and free-jazz jams make up these two totally original sides.

The live sessions include J.D. Hopkins and sons Jayson and Rickie, and bass, guitars, keyboard, sax and trumpet. Bassists David Blaetz, Tony Stefanelli and Kenny Cornelius take turns, guitar regulars Mike Ohm and Sheldon Peterson are sometimes joined by newcomer Joe Frisina, and guitarist, keyboardist and guitar-synth player Frank Singer joins in for most of the tracks. J.D. and Sons add horns for the first time, with Phil Papotnik on sax and flute and Chad Garrison on trumpet. Singer and Papotnik overdub parts on three cuts above the drums and electronic percussion of the Hopkins family rhythm section.

The sound of J.D. AND THE SONS OF RHYTHM is organic. It is what music is before composers, arrangers, lyricists, critics, academics and others shape it to their will. This is the raw substance of music, born in and of the musicians who play it. It is what it is.

We hope you enjoy it. [ Check out the co-release of Crossing Oceans of Time ]

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JD and the Sons of Rhythm on Bandcamp

The Players

J.D. Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Tony Stefanelli
Kenny Cornelius
David Blaetz
Mike Ohm
Sheldon Peterson
Joe Frisina
Phil Papotnik
Chad Garrison
Frank Singer


Disc One - audio clips

1. Prelude
.....download | stream
2. Rumble in the Jungle
.....download | stream
3. Coffee and Pie
.....download | stream
4. Jan Garbarek
.....download | stream
5. Kenny's Rumble
.....download | stream
6. ECM
.....download | stream
7. Road Nights
.....download | stream


Disc Two - audio clips

8. Scottish Memories
.....download | stream
9. Midnight Fade
.....download | stream
10. Unleash the Beast
.....download | stream
11. Song for the Grateful Dead
.....download | stream
12. Hypnotic
.....download | stream
13. California Daze
.....download | stream
14. Oregon
.....download | stream


production.....J.D. Hopkins
cover art.....J.D. Hopkins
cover design.....Mark Saunders
engineering, mix, mastering.....Randy Hetherington
recorded at Midtown Recording
CD Duplication by First Art Records
     [CDR Primera Bravo Disc Publisher]
printing by Diane at PIPerie
2005 J.D. Records



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