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Near Journey's End by J.D. and the Sons of RhythmNear Journey's End marks milestones

Near Journey's End brings together nineteen more tracks on two discs of J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm. This jamming collective improvisation ensemble once again creates music without a net, relying solely on listening, experience, sensitivity, and a desire to communicate ideas between fellow creators.

Dedicated to Graphic Artist and Designer James Hall and Jazz Drummer Mike Smith, this CD gives honor and commemoration to two fellow artists who died in 2006, a few months prior to the release of Near Journey's End. Originally titled to mark the conclusion of recording sessions and the process of completing the release of the already-recorded material, it became obviously appropriate to dedicate the music to James and Mike as these sad events transpired.

Near Journey's End is disc set number twelve. This string of releases represents a notable body of work, showing the evolution of ideas and musical thought, and familiarity with fellow musicians and with the preceding works. Jim Hall's beautiful art encapsulates the mood and character of this current project, both modern and classic, abstract and clearly recognizable, and to the journey's end, creative.

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The Players

J.D. Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Joel Polacci
Preach Freedom
Baba Raymond Sylla
Tony Stefanelli
Ralph Reitinger
David Blaetz
Chris Sedelmyer
Mark DeWalt
Mike Ohm
Sheldon Peterson
Phil Papotnik
Frank Singer


Disc One - audio clips

1. Song for Susie
.....download | stream
2. Songs of a Preacha Man
.....download | stream
3. Language of Beauty
.....download | stream
4. Tail Wind
.....download | stream
5. Ode to Peter Gabriel
.....download | stream
6. Maltese Falcon
.....download | stream
7. Hello Chris
.....download | stream
8. Meltdown
.....download | stream


Disc Two - audio clips

9. Good Morning World
.....download | stream
10. Cell Block Strut
.....download | stream
11. Group Therapy
.....download | stream
12. Pristine
.....download | stream
13. Tribal Communications
.....download | stream
14. Raga Muffins
.....download | stream
15. Post Modern Lullaby
.....download | stream
16. Phunk Surfing
.....download | stream
17. Mental Flight
.....download | stream
18. Political Nightmares
.....download | stream
19. Marching to Different Drummers
.....download | stream


production.....J.D. Hopkins
cover art.....James Hall
cover design.....Mark Saunders
engineering, mix, mastering.....Randy Hetherington
recorded at Midtown Recording
CD-R Duplication by First Art Records
2006 J.D. Records


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