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Smoke Shadows by J.D. and the Sons of RhythmSMOKE SHADOWS begins in the throes of a conversation about life. The opening cut seems to let you in the door to a party already in progress. Soon, you are involved, following as more threads are added to the conversation.

If you follow the threads, they will lead you to the end of the first disc, and into the second. That is where the band kicks into a higher gear, spinning Ornette Coleman-like textures and Miles Davis-like jams.

By the end of disc 2, you are transformed. Go beyond your limits. See moments captured, SMOKE SHADOWS frozen in time.

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JD and the Sons of Rhythm on Bandcamp

The Players

Frank Singer
Mike Ohm
Tony Stefanelli
J.D. Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Joe Popp
Joel Polacci
Kenny Cornelius
Sheldon Peterson


Disc One - audio clips

1. Thriller
.....download | stream
2. Rolling Thunder over Baghdad
.....download | stream
3. Frank, J.J. + Kai
.....download | stream
4. Driftin Again
.....download | stream
5. Chasin Rickie
.....download | stream
6. Pushin It
.....download | stream

Disc Two - audio clips

7. Feelin Good
.....download | stream
8. Jayson's Strut
.....download | stream
9. Dreams
.....download | stream

10. We just keep on rolling
.....download | stream
11. Wild Thing
.....download | stream
12. Wild Thing
.....download | stream


production.....J.D. Hopkins & Randy Hetherington
engineering, mix, mastering.....Randy Hetherington
cover photo.....Jordan Hopkins
cover photo.....Sue Buck
cover design.....Mark Saunders
recorded at Midtown Recording
CD Duplication by First Art Records


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