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Family Values by J.D. and the Sons of RhythmFamily Values brings you fifteen tracks of collective jazz improvisation on two discs from J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm.

This album marks the first appearance of many of the current J.D. and Sons musicians, mixed in with others all brought together specifically for these sessions. These explorations have a spontaneous excitement that has become a foundation of the group's approach.

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JD and the Sons of Rhythm on Bandcamp

The Players

J.D. Hopkins
Frank Singer
Kenny Cornelius
Scott Cravener
Tim Smith
Jim Nordstrum
Tammy Johnson
Mike Ohm
Doug Phillips
Pat Vahey
Julio Quesada
Randy Hetherington
Keith Homerski
Jayson Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins

Disc One

1. Did you Record That?
.....download | stream
2. Michael's Angels
.....download | stream
3. Peach Jam
.....download | stream
4. Frank Enters
.....download | stream
5. Julio
.....download | stream
6. JD's Raga
.....download | stream
7. Rick's Rag
.....download | stream

Disc Two

8. Tammy's Song
.....download | stream
9. Ozone
.....download | stream
10. Carlos
.....download | stream
11. Sunset on the Bay
.....download | stream
12. Midtown Nights
.....download | stream
13. Skabone
.....download | stream
14. Tim's Doodle
.....download | stream
15. Goodnight
.....download | stream


production.....J.D. Hopkins & Keith Homerski
engineering.....Keith Homerski & Randy Hetherington
mix.....Keith Homerski & Randy Hetherington
cover photo: Autumn Hopkins-Homerski
cover design.....Mark Saunders
recorded at Midtown Recording


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