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Showcase critic Mike Plasha was thrilled with the first JazzWalk, held last weekend in conjunction with the JazzFest and Amerimasala Festival. His report:

"People of all ages packed clubs and restaurants downtown to hear excellent music by local musicians. Managers and owners smiled at the new faces giving them business. Any doubts that Erie doesn't have the widespread interest to support jazz were dispelled. The key, though, is to make it fun, an event. Do the button JazzWalk again, organizers. Maybe on a monthly or seasonal basis. And chefs, during these events, serve up related dishes from the cities known for jazz, like New Orleans gumbo or Kansas City ribs.


"The musical highlight was Frank Singer at Scully's. He played fast and intricate, yet fluid jazz guitar with Tito. Kinda like Larry Coryell meets Wes Montgomery. Couple hours later, we jazzwalked up to the Docksider to catch the last set of One World Tribe. There Singer was again, playing keyboards. Same passion, joy, and skill...It was the most amazing display of musicianship I've experienced in Erie in a long time."

Geez, Mike, you must have missed Sweaty Nipples.