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Frank Singer.com sells CDs online using CD Baby.com ( www.cdbaby.com ).  When you click on a purchase link, you will be taken to a page prepared by Frank Singer.com and CD Baby.com for that individual CD. There, further information and associations will be presented, along with detailed instructions regarding Credit Card use and security. There are also individual audio clips of almost every song recorded.

We use CD Baby for the following reason:

Plus, they're the greatest!

In regards to privacy and technical specifications, the CD Baby About page ( http://www.cdbaby.com/about ) states the policies presented below, with more about CD Baby's online service.

CD Baby Privacy Policy

  • We NEVER give or sell your personal info to any other company - EVER! (No not even your email address!)
  • Only the musician whose CD you buy will know who you are.
  • If you don't even want the musician to know about you, just say so at the bottom of your order form.
  • Your credit card info is never stored, and never seen by anyone. We don't store it in your permanent customer info. The card number is erased immediately after the sale, for extra protection. There is nothing of yours here to steal.
  • Yes this means you'll have to type your card number again when you return, but we hope you appreciate the extra safety and privacy it gives you.

Tech things

  • Our servers are running 100% OpenBSD - the world's most secure operating system. Powered by Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
  • No Microsoft products were used in the creation of this website.
  • Full 128-bit secure SSL connection protects all of your private information from snooping eyes. Our secure certificate issued by Thawte - a division of Verisign.
  • We try to stay HTML 4.0 compliant. No special web browser needed. (I recommend the Opera and Mozilla web browsers for their speed and standards.)
  • CD Baby website (front end and back end) made by me - Derek Sivers. It's my favorite hobby.

Most important of all...

  • You can reach us during Pacific west-coast business hours at (503)595-3000 or email cdbaby@cdbaby.com anytime.



Thank you for shopping at Frank Singer.com and CD Baby.com!

By doing so you support local and independent music everywhere!

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