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Documenting and memorizing parts, songs and solos from recordings has always been a part of my musical experience. Any band I was in which played covers generally accessed the recording rather than the sheet music. Learning solos began shortly after finding my way around on a guitar. After cutting my musical teeth on Duane Allman and Freddy Robinson, I moved on to John McLaughlin, whose playing and composition inspired my attendance at Berklee. 

My studies with Charlie Banacos also included solo transcription, first Wes Montgomery solos, then saxophone and piano solos, including some Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner. Since I have been teaching myself, I transcribe music for my students in the lesson. This includes parts, solos, and analysis of the material that the student brings in. 

Due to time constraints involving successful ventures in other areas, I am no longer taking transcription work. Thank you for your consideration.

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