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One World Tribe / Armed and Dangerous
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J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Colors of Tyme
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Near Journey's End
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J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Beyond Attention
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Crossing Oceans of Time
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Live at Forward Hall
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Imagination Doctors
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Smoke Shadows
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Quantum Events
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Music From Another Planet
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Primate Gestures
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm / Family Values


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previous entries:


Well, I have come to the realization that my life will continue on non-stop for quite a while, and that it has become overwhelming to try and keep a monthly update. Thus, I am waxing seasonal, and will use this space to direct you to current projects and websites for what's happening.

First, my most current gig schedule can always be found at the Calendar of Events. This is also a good place to start if you are looking to book me for future dates.

For those who wish to study with me and are not regionally located in Erie, PA, you can check out my online lesson program at Online Lessons With Frank.com which uses the free Skype connection to have a lesson in real time. This is available for "one-shot" lessons as well as on a weekly or monthly schedule.

I have completed tracking work on the next Jam Along CD, which will begin to work with Modal Harmony. The first disc covers Ionian and Dorian, and should be available by fall. The Blues CD is doing very well on CD Baby, and I am excited about getting the new tracks online.

For those in the Erie area, you can check out the new JD Jazz CD with Cat's A Bear's Joe Dorris on vocals. We are currently only selling the CD locally, at gigs and through personal contact, so contact me at frank@franksinger.com to find out more or get a copy. I have posted some quotes below, as well as a link to Bob Protzman's Showcase Article.

"Last night I played Nature Boy - totally fresh, man!"
- WQLN Radio DJ Rob Hoff

"Dorris's voice and delivery are a combination of Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, and Harry the Hipster."
- WQLN Radio DJ Al Lubejeski

"Now 50, Singer has been playing guitar since age 11, and most area jazz fans are familiar with his playing-intelligent, expressive, swinging, and often a technically dazzling mix of rich chords and fleet, cleanly articulated single-note runs.

You'll hear plenty of Singer on the CD, not only soloing, but also in his intros and often exciting and sensitive accompaniment of Dorris' soulful, swinging, scat-filled vocals."
- WMCE Radio DJ Bob Protzman
Read the whole article.

Other new releases include Armed and Dangerous from One World Tribe, Colors of Tyme from JD and the Sons of Rhythm, and Unity and Diversity DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, also from OWT. Ahimsa Beat has just recorded a live CD at Nelson's in Erie. We hope to be releasing as many of the tracks as we can fit on a CD as soon as possible. I have the roughs and it sounds killer. You can check out some of the video on YouTube. Here's Jorminka's Heartbeat, and there are more posted by the same author on YouTube.

Finally, Erie has our own all-jazz station now in WMCE. You can catch jazz 24-6 (there is some non-jazz programming on Sundays), including Bob Protzman's show on Friday afternoons from 3-6pm.

peace - f

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 SPRING 2009 

Finding a moment to catch up with everything has proven to be more difficult than first imagined. I took a pause from monthly updates to cover things like Longs School of the Dance preparation, other transcription projects, massave yardwork, multiple gigs with new material, and the annual tax-season stress attack.

More is coming, so I am taking a moment to do a quick update on some main events.

First, one new project, a jazz duo with myself on Jazz Guitar and Joe Dorris of Cat's A Bear on vocals has released a CD with 12 Jazz Standards. We are having a CD Release at Scotty's Jazz Bar in Erie on May 16 (10pm - 1am) where the disc will be on sale for $10. If you are in the area, come down and catch a set or two, and pick up a CD!

"Last night I played Nature Boy - totally fresh, man!"
- WQLN Radio DJ Rob Hoff

"Dorris's voice and delivery are a combination of Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, and Harry the Hipster."
- WQLN Radio DJ Al Lubejeski

"Now 50, Singer has been playing guitar since age 11, and most area jazz fans are familiar with his playing-intelligent, expressive, swinging, and often a technically dazzling mix of rich chords and fleet, cleanly articulated single-note runs.

You'll hear plenty of Singer on the CD, not only soloing, but also in his intros and often exciting and sensitive accompaniment of Dorris' soulful, swinging, scat-filled vocals."
- WMCE Radio DJ Bob Protzman

Other new releases not yet posted here include Armed and Dangerous from One World Tribe, Colors of Tyme from JD and the Sons of Rhythm, and Unity and Diversity DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, also from OWT.

Next, my Online Lesson Web Site is up, with glowing testimonials (blush) from many current and former students. It has been great catching up with some folks I haven't been in contact with in a while, and I am thrilled that so many are still pursuing musical goals. Please take a look at the site, and if you have any questions, or find something unclear, please contact me at frank@franksinger.com.

Speaking of catching up, I went east last weekend to attend two performances by the new John McLaughlin/Chick Corea-led Five Peace Band at Keswick Theater outside of Philadelphia. Most of my New Jersey cadre (the first of many) attended one of the two shows, so we got to have dinner together, which was all to brief, but delicious.

The concert was unbelievable. These musicians are so at-the-top-of-their-game they are redefining music, especially when it comes to rhythm. The supporting cast included Christian McBride on bass (incredible), Kenny Garret on alto (ditto) and drummer Brain Blade, who was tremendous. Brian was unfamiliar to me (my loss) and was jumping into the chair vacated by Vinnie Colaiuta who played the CD and the first part of the tour. He played with energy, ferocity and sensitivity, keeping this complex music deep in the groove.

I recommend anything put out by McLaughlin in the last, oh, say 30 years or so, but the new stuff is especially amazing. Floating Point is his latest leader-release, and is equally worth study, although I'm still coming off the high of two Five Peace shows. Look for Cat's A Bear to include JM's 'Senor C.S.' in its repertoire for years to come. It's one of only two covers we have ever done in the group's history, other than jazz standards as free-lancers.

I hope this finds you all well and surviving these crazy times as best you can. Music is certainly not taking a respite, so dig in, and for those in the Erie area, don't forget we have our own all-jazz station now in WMCE.


I want to thank Jamie Glaser for introducing me to the possibilties Skype. This incredible musician took time out of his day to help me get started, so thanks Jamie! Don't forget to check out his Music for Pets and People CD and project. He's raising money for a good cause, and the music is fun!


Generations String Quartet
The Mouse and the Lion
Soul Saving
Hip Hop Dance Beats
J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm - Colors of Tyme
Latin Groove

Until next time,

peace - f

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 WINTER 2009 

Well, it has been an eventful couple of months.

On the national scene, we got a new president, and we're still going broke. Best of luck with the gig, Mr. Obama! Hope you weren't set up.

On the family scene, some sad news and some good news. Sadly, our sweet family mascot Jack the Cat died at the end of December. He was suffering from intense seizures, and was in too much pain for him to handle. We miss Jack very much, and will for a long time.

The good news is my wife Mary has completed her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Birmingham University in England. This has been a long time coming, and a lot of hard work on her part, so congratulations; we are very proud of you!

In business, the music scene is experiencing the same turbulence as the rest of the world, so it's a bit precarious out there. Some new projects have started to address the issue, including Steve Trohoske's Ahimsa Beat, described as "avant-funk." Our first gig at Docksider with G. Calvin Weston was a great success and lots of fun. We also recorded a track with him at Joel Polacci's studio, as the first track of a future release.

Steve and I are also starting up a new duo called Attitude Plus Jazz Duo. We have a couple of gigs at Scotty's over the next few months; we will be working out the details of the concepts as we go. Joe Dorris and I are also shopping a duo version of JD Jazz, with Joe on vocals and myself on guitar.

For those of you on facebook, several videos of solo guitar and duos with Joe are posted on my page. A couple of those videos are also at myspace.com/franksinger.

The other news for me is that I am now up and running with skype lessons. My preliminary write-up follows, which will be re-posted as its own page, and explains the service, how to use it, and how to pay for it.

Online Music Lessons with Skype

Frank Singer, instructor in American Music for over 30 years, specializing in Jazz, is now available online for lessons and consultations. Simple requirements include a fast internet connection, some basic hardware, including a webcam, and arrangements for advance payment.

Skype is a free software program that allows Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) video/audio phone-call-style two-way connections. Essentially, it allows for two computers to work like phones, with each caller able to see and hear the other.

  1. Broadband/Highspeed internet connection
  2. Computer and Operating System compatible with free Skype software from Skype.com
  3. Video Web Cam for visual connection
  4. Input/Recording mic for two-way (Full-Duplex) audio connection
    ***NOTE***: A Logitech USB mic is recommended for this task. It seems to deliver clear and consistent audio, and avoids the problem of including the motor sounds of the computer that built-in mics have.
  5. ***RECOMMENDED***
    A USB or Firewire Sound-Card/Interface
    Recommended for output to good audio speakers. This will provide clarity and volume control for the lesson or consultation.


Lessons are $30 per half-hour and $50 per hour. Payments are accepted by check or PayPal. It is asked that bulk payments be limited to a maximum of $200 (four one-hour lessons.)

Time for checks (payable to Frank Singer) to clear their deposit into a bank will be required (generally about a week after recieving a U.S.-issued check.)

You will be contacted once the check is cleared via the emial address used to contact me initially, or another specified in advance. In order to maintain a steady lesson schedule, regular advance payments will be required, allowing time for checks to clear ahead of time.

Payments by PayPal will require verification time. This is typically less time than waiting for a check to clear.


Once payment has been cleared, a time will be scheduled for the first lesson. Examples of times that are typically available include Tuesday at 10pm, Wednesday at 3pm, and Friday at 3pm. At times, weekend times might be available, as well as other times during the week. All times are subject to the whims of a working musician's and family man's schedule.

I will email you my "skype name" so you can initiate the skype call. ***NOTE*** Be sure to test your connection prior to each session. Also learn to change the input/output settings in the skype software to match your hardware (your mic/input and sound-cart/output.) An email account should be open throughout the lesson, preferable one that can recieve mp3 files if necessary.

Please note that while playing together might be possible when internet server traffic is very low, typically the lag time of signal transmission precludes direct jamming. In addition to existing materials, the lesson might include having an mp3 emailed to you to play along with.

Lessons will begin to wind down a few minutes before the end of the allotted time. For this reason, I ask that we maintain focus from the beginning of the lesson.


Who, What, Where, Why, When, How

FRANK SINGER      www.franksinger.com
  • Berklee College of Music Graduate 1980 (Composition; Magna Cum Laude)
  • Charlie Banacos Graduate 1982 (Guitar/Jazz Studies)
  • Private Instructor for over 30 years
  • Appearances with Larry Coryell, Arturo Sandoval, Pete Mills, G. Calvin Weston, Claire Daly, Jay Ashby, Kim Nazarian, Frank DiBussolo, Vanessa Williams (Miss America Show), Cab Calloway, Lou Stellute, Ernie Krivda, Deborah Gibson (Grease), Eddie Fisher, Mike Methany, Eddie Baccus Jr., Dominick Farinacci, Bruce Johnstone, Valerie Gillespie, Carmen Intorre, Christian Howes, Cecil Rucker Jr., Dave Schiavone, Tony Campbell, Dwayne Dolphin, Les Arbuckle, John Novello, Chris Hemmingway, Basil Ronzetti, Bill Burke, M'Baye Rama Diagne, Rick Della Ratta, Floyd Williams, Mark Ledford, Eric Wills, Cheryl Hodge, Michael Boothman, D.J. Chilly J.
  • Recordings with Cat's A Bear, One World Tribe, JD and the Sons of Rhythm, Too Big Power, James Ligons, Plato's Cave, Jay Hitt, Jake and Jean, Mark Lemaire

  • Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano/Keyboards, Sax
  • American Music, including Blues, Jazz, Rock, World Music, Latin, Funk, Reggae and more
  • Music Theory, Arranging, Composition, Functional Reading, Practical Performance Advice


Modern technology provides us with this way to reach out from any computer to any other, properly equipped, and converse in real time without leaving the comfort of your home or office, or wherever you might find yourself! Although a more sophisticated setup is recommended, this process can take place with a small laptop with a built-in webcam/recording-mic, and any broadband/high-speed/wifi connection. Thus, on-the-road lessons are easy with skype.


Frank Singer has been teaching professionally since 1975, and performing as long. Fortunate to have recieved some of the best instruction in the world from Berklee College of Music and Charlie Banacos, Frank is eager to pass along the knowledge he has obtained. The techniques developed and used in the lessons are time-tested and proven successful; all the student need do is find the practice time and do the work, and success is assured. Having the proper instruction can save years of time achieving your goals, and allow you to get on with the playing and the fun!


Lessons can be scheduled on a weekly basis, or on an as-needed basis. If you are looking to clarify a point of theory, or get an exercise to develop a new technique, individual consultations can be scheduled when you need the information. This flexibility is a great advantage for those who are on-the-go.


To get the ball rolling, contact Frank at frank@franksinger.com and indicate your interest in Skype Lessons.


My Setup

Mini-LapTop w/             Audio Interface          Stereo Speakers
Built-in WebCam

External Recording Mic

MACKIE SRM-150................GUITAR
Personal PA Speaker            Fender Strat or Gibson 175

peace - f

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