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Cat's A Bear / Tito in Wonderland
Cat's A Bear / Tito: In Search of a Revolution


Cat's A Bear / Eye of the Pyramid


Browse some original Cat's A Bear charts:

Bearskin Rug

Bill's B.S.

Blue Tito

Ceiling Street

edited version stream

Current Sea

Double Felix

Eye of the Pyramid
live version 1 stream

Frank's Lament



Knick's Knack


Prime Dub

Theme For Eric and Eric


Hear some old Cat's A Bear covers:

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Binky's Beam
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Great Gorge
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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Cat's A Bear was founded by Frank Singer (guitar) and Joe Dorris (drums) in 1982 as a creative outlet for musical exploration. The group has existed in many forms, beginning as a quartet with Geri DiMarco on piano and Irv Ziskind on bass. This incarnation of Cat's A Bear played jazz covers of McCoy Tyner, Joanne Brackeen and others, which were incorporated into sets with original music by Frank, Irv and Geri. Although the group did few recordings, it established the reputation of Cat's A Bear as a dynamic musical force.

Russ Hoffman on keyboards and Bob Dorris on bass joined Frank and Joe in 1984, and recorded original jazz and cover material. In addition to playing Weather Report tunes American Tango, Cucumber Slumber and N.Y.C., and Joe Farrell's Great Gorge, original music including Naked Kitty Rumba and What Color Is Your Underwear? entered the set list. In 1986 Frank, Joe and Bob became the first trio and recorded more originals, including La Lagartija, written by guest soloist Dave Lindsey. These recordings also featured guest keyboardist Jim Merkin on Can't Seem To Agree.

Cat's A Bear performed as a Trio until 1988, when the electronic duo began. Looking at the technology of the times with unique perspective, the computer and sequencing aspects of the group assumed the role of the bass, setting the form and foundation for the improvisation. Eye Of The Pyramid introduced this new sound, and the follow-up 2liveCATS showcased live drums with covers of Spain and Birdland, and originals Theme for Mary's Birthday, Lost In Allston, and Kikit, a tune dating back to the '86 trio repertoire. 

Tony Stefanelli joined up with Frank and Joe in 1991, and re-established the live sound. When the mysterious and mythical Tito began to appear, the group recorded Tito: In Search of a Revolution, with eight originals, adding saxophonist Phil Papotnik for the closing track Positive Energy. Phil remained with the group for the follow-up CD Tito In Wonderland, showcasing the vocals of Joe Dorris on the first four jazz standards Cat's A Bear has recorded. The two Singer originals Change and Prime Dub round out the set.

Tito remains on the loose, and a third album is on the way. The quintet with the addition of Tito is Cat's A Bear's current configuration, although the band performs as a trio and quartet just to keep on their toes.  [ more on Tito ]    [ top ]


Read the long story of Frank's foray into music and Cat's A Bear in LONG TALES OF A CAT.

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Erie Times News Advance - Scotty's - October 7, 2005

The Mysterious TITO...who knows where or when he will appear? Only TITO has a clue.

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Tito: In Search of a Revolution

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Tito: In Search of a Revolution

Eye of the Pyramid

Phil Papotnik / Joe Dorris / Frank Singer / Tony Stefanelli
Phil   Joe   Frank   Tony

Phil has a sound and lighting company. More at: 

Tony makes great chocolate. More at:

PlayErie.com has a page on Cat's A Bear:

Read a review of a Papermoon performance featuring the members of the band

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A fan speaks:

(Re: JazzWalk at the Paper Moon, 7-13-02)
"You guys played great last night.  It all came together...the compositions,
the playing and the mix.  Tony played really well and his bass sound was
excellent.  The room sounded good too even with the glass wall behind you.

Nice gig



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