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American Music
Structural Elements for study

This section shows some fundamentals of American Music theory


Current Students      Study Online

Weekly lessons are offered in half-hour time slots. I am also available for single lessons, or less frequent lessons at the current flat rate. Contact me for non-weekly scheduling.

Payment Policy

(Contact me at frank@franksinger.com for current rates)
Payment is due at or before the current lesson. Two payment options are offered. 

>>> The flat rate is per lesson, and is due at or before the current lesson. Payment is considered due for missed lessons which were scheduled and not cancelled. 

>>>A discount of two dollars per lesson is offered under the following conditions:

          1.   Payment is made in monthly installments, and attendance for all posted and scheduled lessons is required. 

          2.   Payment is made in advance of the upcoming month, the last preceding lesson being the deadline. [ top ]

Cancellation Policy

No refunds or credits will be issued for any missed lesson. 

Contact ahead of time is appreciated. I attempt to make up lessons when I have been contacted ahead of time, but I do not guarantee a make-up lesson for any cancellation (see rescheduling policy below).  [ top ]

Rescheduling Policy

I do not guarantee the option of changing lesson times from a previously or regularly scheduled time due to a cancellation. If my schedule permits, I will do so, within a week of the missed lesson.   [ top ]

Termination Policy

If the student fails to attend regularly scheduled lessons, the time-slot will be terminated, and considered open for others to schedule, under the following conditions:

          1.   Two unpaid weeks of scheduled lessons with no contact will terminate the time slot.

          2.   One month of paid and scheduled lessons with no contact will terminate the time slot.   [ top ]

The Usual Teacher Stuff

All of the usual teacher stuff applies. 
Yes, it IS necessary to practice, preferably every day. 
Students are responsible for their own materials (not your parents, kids). 
Punctuality - well, seriously, need I say more?
   [ top ]

The Unusual Teacher Stuff

Questions are welcome. Repeated questions are welcome. Requests for repeated explanations are welcome. 
I charge for my time. The knowledge and information are free. 
The more I know about what you hope to accomplish, the more I can do to help you do it.
Play SLOW. (Then play fast.)
PLEASE don't forget to have fun! 
  [ top ]


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