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I began teaching private lessons professionally in 1976, in the Boston area. Teaching private lessons has been my primary living since 1989, and I have had many hundreds of students pass through my door since I moved my practice exclusively to my home in 1993. I teach guitar, piano, electric bass, drums and voice to all levels. I also teach improvisation in any style to anyone who has the playing fundamentals mastered on their instrument (this has included violin, bassoon, mandolin, vibes, recorder, harmonica, and probably a few others). I have worked with sight-impaired students, and have covered the age groups from five years old to ninety two years old. Lessons are geared to the focus and pace of the individual student, with options ranging from strictly reading, repertoire and interpretation to comprehensive jazz improvisation. 

My clinic experience has included colleges and universities, high schools, grade schools, and elementary schools. I have designed programs for grant projects, most recently an improvisation workshop for Penn State Berhend University's music department. I have spoken on the topics of jazz history and definition, performance dynamics, career options for musicians, how to listen to jazz, synthesis and midi, sequencing, and many other topics. I have organized jam sessions, run ensembles, performed demonstrations for student groups, given classroom performances, and brought music into the schools in many ways. 

In addition to my degree from Berklee, I had private instruction to assist me in mastering my musical skills. My teachers have included Dave Marshall, Andy Steinborn, William Leavitt, Jon Damien, John Jarvis, and Charlie Banacos, jazz master and instructor of Mike Stern, Jerry Bergonzi, Geri DiMarco, Bruce Gertz, and many others. I have had classes and ensembles with Mike Methany, Bob Patton, Les Arbuckle, Dick Odgren, and others who challenged me and helped me build my skills. I have also had the opportunity to play with many outstanding musicians, including some listed above, and hold this out as experience equal in importance to the instruction I received. My exposure to all of these excellent musicians aided me in achieving my professional teaching abilities.

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For more information on jazz history and definitions, visit the Jazz Perspectives section.
For more information on American Music structural elements, visit the Overviews section.
For more information on private instruction or clinics, contact me at frank@franksinger.com

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