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Colors of Tyme by J.D. and the Sons of RhythmColors of Tyme makes double disc 13, totalling 26 sides

The musicians who created this music are veterans of this project, and play together in all measure of situations. Every style of music is represented in these bands, which include Cat's A Bear, One World Tribe, Ahimsa Beat, Too Big Power, Potato Battery, 3bop, Starfish, Weirdo Theater, Valerie Horton Brown Project, and any number of side-projects, free-lance gigs, and recordings.

All this is to say that the music gels for a reason. There is experience of the jam, of each other, and of music itself. This familiarity enhances the process of spontaneous creation, allowing players to guage the direction the music is taking and add their input in a musical way.

This freedom is not anarchy. The concentrated listening that these musicians must do to produce this music is tempered by the years of performance experience they share. Knowing innately the effects music has on the listener colors their instincts and judgement which gives the music coherence. In short, it grooves as it moves.

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JD and the Sons of Rhythm on Bandcamp

The Players

J.D. Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Joel Polacci
Preach Freedom
Tito Ronzitti
Joe Dorris
Tony Stefanelli
Ralph Reitinger
David Blaetz
Kenny Cornelius
Mike Ohm
Sheldon Peterson
Phil Papotnik
Frank Singer


Disc One - audio clips

1. House Party
.....download | stream
2. River Music
.....download | stream
3. Deep Sorrow
.....download | stream
4. Ebb and Flow
.....download | stream
5. Mellow
.....download | stream
6. Phil's Lament
.....download | stream


Disc Two - audio clips

7. Hop, Skip and Jump
.....download | stream
8. Abstraction
.....download | stream
9. Night Owls
.....download | stream
10. Catch Up
.....download | stream
11. Ride the Rails
.....download | stream
12. Searchin' For A Clue
.....download | stream
13. Deep Thought
.....download | stream
14. Colors of Tyme
.....download | stream



production.....J.D. Hopkins & Frank Singer
cover art.....Richard Schindler (RAS)
cover design.....Mark Saunders
engineering, mix.....Randy Hetherington
recorded at Midtown Recording
CD-R Duplication by First Art Records
2009 J.D. Records


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