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IF YOU'RE GOING TO PLAY 71 minutes of unaccompanied guitar as Frank Singer does on his program of 12 standards, you'd better have a good sense of time. Those listeners who view Singer as a note-heavy guitar slinger should listen closely to "Standards 1" (Naked Kitty OTS1). The Berklee School of Music-trained Singer stays surprising close to the originals. He eschews flashy soloing, for the most part content to limn the harmonic contours of such chestnuts as "Manha de Carnaval" and "Body and Soul" with gentle waves of chords. Available online through CD Baby (, this one's just right for a low-key, romantic New Year's Eve celebration for two.

John Chacona, an Erie writer, is a contributor to Signal To Noise, a quarterly journal of improvised and experimental music based in Burlington, VT, and to one final note, a Webzine with similar interests. He can be reached at

- John Chacona
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