"Often Emulated Never Imitated"

During the Bicentennial Celebration that the city of Erie Pennsylvania enjoyed in 1995, local musician Frank Singer was commissioned by the City leaders to build a piece of music. Singer's response was a classical work he called Generations - a haunting and beautiful structure that awakens the listener's other 4 senses. Drawing images in the mind's eye of a time gone by, this is music that moves.

But why stop there? Have you heard Frank's Hip-Hop "Black Man Undercover"? Or have you been in a room full of young revolutionaries bouncing up and down while Singer raps about the hypocrisy of drug laws? This is a guy who can hang in any crowd. And from a musical stand point this is the stuff that separates the men from the boys. As a member of the world music ensemble One World Tribe, Singer has had his creative hand in some of the band's finest originals including "Who Gets the Money", "Go Forward", "Rio", and a stellar masterpiece "Unity and Diversity" which won The John Lennon songwriting competition. One of his nicknames among the Tribe family is "The Brain".

In the jazz surroundings of Cat's A Bear, Tito, and Off The Top - a CD of standards - Singer shines his brightest. Odd meters, unconventional phrasing, and reoccurring surprises around most corners make Singer's work popular among fellow musicians - often emulated never imitated. In his recent body of work there is literally something for anyone on your Christmas list - save the deaf but he's working on that.

-Matthew Walker
Author: Presque Isle State Park - A Scenic Tour of the Peninsula [ISBN: 0-9704875-0-9]
Musician: One World Tribe, Plato's Cave, The Jokermen
Promoter: Grape Jam, Parliament Funkadeliks at Warner Theater

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