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Cat's A Bear / Tito in WonderlandCat's A Bear entered the Tito Era with the release of "Tito: In Search of a Revolution". After establishing a presence individually and collectively in the Mid-Atlantic Region, the power trio of jazz was joined by saxophonist Phil Papotnik, guest soloist on the "Revolution" cut Positive Energy.

"Tito in Wonderland" is Cat's A Bear's second Tito Era release, a mix of jazz standards and original jazz. The four standards feature the deep, resounding vocals of Joe Dorris. Singer's two original cuts add rhythmic variety, one with time changes every four measures, and one with a jazz / reggae feel to round out the set. 

NKP 1996 2
Frank Singer: Guitar
Phil Papotnik: Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Tony Stefanelli: Fretless Electric Bass
Joe Dorris: Drums, Vocals

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Blues For Alice.....Parker........download | stream
Sugar.....Turrentine........download | stream
Change.....Singer.....chart.......download clip | stream clip
          CHANGE edited cut:......download edit | stream edit
'Round Midnight.....Williams, Monk, Hanighan
Honeysuckle Rose.....Waller
Prime Dub.....Singer.....chart.......download | stream



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