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Too Big Power / Ride A Wave


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Original Rock and Roll

I first met Joseph Frisina in 2004. He was invited to play guitar in a J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm studio session. I've never seen such a sophisticated guitar set up! Joe let me play some tracks for the album using his rig, and it was amazing how many great sounds were possible. Joe plays on Beyond Attention and Crossing Oceans of Time, contributing to eight cuts overall. 

In late 2005 Joe approached me about playing bass on his upcoming recording project. Jayson Hopkins had been drumming with him, learning his songs and creating parts and arrangements. They had fourteen songs down, so I began creating and learning the bass parts to go along. 

Joe's music was refreshing. There is a touch of jam-band feel, some country flavor, some hard-rock, latin, soul, and even a peppering of jazz. It is fun to play and to listen to. 

We recorded our tracks at Midtown Recording, with Randy Hetherington at the console. Thanks to J.D. Hopkins for sponsoring the initial sessions. After recording the basics with Jayson and Joe, they had me overdub the keyboard tracks, acoustic guitar solos, and some of the electric guitar solos, all on Joe's rig, as I recall. 

Ride A Wave is a great-sounding CD. Jayson is a rock-solid drummer, someone with whom I felt completely comfortable from the first time we played together as a rhythm section. Joe brings his highly creative originals to life with his guitar playing and singing, with a trio sound that's incredibly full. 

Now available from Apple iTunes, Amazon.com and Amazon Music, this disc allows me to stretch my rock-and-roll chops, my earliest music, and to play some serious bass, which I haven't had a chance to do since my Boston days in the 1980s. I also enjoyed playing acoustic guitar, something else I haven't recorded on in quite a while. Thanks to Randy for the use of his acoustic/electric guitar for the sessions, the same guitar I used in the J.D. sessions. 

We have played some live gigs since the recording, some as a trio and a few with Kelley Smith on bass and myself on keyboards. Hopefully this will continue, even as Joe continues to write and Hopkins son Rickie steps in for Jayson on the live gigs.  

Ride A Wave is now available online. Purchase Links: Apple iTunes | Amazon.com | Amazon Music

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 Too Big Power - Original Rock and Roll

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Purchase Links: Apple iTunes | Amazon.com | Amazon Music

Jayson Hopkins (drums) and Joe Frisina (guitar, vocals)


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