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- a regulated series of pulses and sub-divisions
- the basic, regular pulse of a rhythm; receives the number in a count, and is the bottom number of a time signature
- a numeric sectioning of pulse, often understood in 8th-notes, 8th-note triplets, 16th-notes, and 16th-note triplets
Rhythmic Resolution
- the total number of events in a segment (measure) of rhythm; found by multiplying pulse times sub-division
Trap Set
- a collection of drums played with all four limbs, the standard drum set in typical bands
Linear Drumming
- a melodic approach to trap-set playing, striking only one drum/implement at a time
Linear Cell
- an encapsulated series of events/movements in a small grouping, referred to by the number of events in that grouping
Primary Accent
- the first event in a Linear Cell, assigned the number 1
Sub Accent
- a second or third accented event in a Linear Cell, which can be accented as prominently as the Primary Accent, to a lesser degree, or not at all
- a cyclic repetition of a series of timed events, played without pause to create a "running" pattern of rhythm
Ghost Notes
- non-accented events in a rhythm cell
Linear Integity
- the notion of encapsulating each Linear Cell, completing one before beginning another, even during manipulations such as Linear Fatback conversions
- in a measure of 4/4 time, the placement of the primary snare drum accents on the Second and Fourth beats
Linear Fatback
- the adjustment of a Linear Drum line which allows a R- or L-Hand stroke to accent the snare drum on the Second and Fourth beats of a measure of 4/4 time
- a form of Popular West Indian music originated in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.


Gary Chaffee - a Boston-based drummer and one of the originators of Linear - www.garychaffee.com
Yagnimone 3/4 Section/7-5 mp3 - www.franksinger.com/linearConcept/owtAnD06YagnimoneMamaMBamba.mp3
Frank Singer - www.franksinger.com

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