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My skills as a composer have been forged in a variety of circumstances. I have always written original music with the intention of performing it myself, through multi-tracking or in groups. The desire to improve myself in this arena led to my Composition degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. I have worked professionally with several lyric composers who needed to have harmony added to their melodies, and parts written for copyright purposes. For five years, my company Musical Coordination Services prepared demos of these compositions utilizing sequencing and analogue recording at Euphoria Sound Studios

I am the principle composer for Cat's A Bear, and wrote or co-wrote several of the songs on the first One World Tribe album, Unity and Diversity, including the award-winning title track. I am also the recipient of the Richard Levy Award for Composition for the chamber septet Like A Trip To California. In 1995, I was commissioned by Gannon University to write a string quartet for the Erie Bicentennial. The result was Generations, for two violins, violin cello, and electric jazz guitar. 

I have scored music for video presentations, and for dance classes. I have written classical guitar works, orchestral music, string quartets, solo guitar works, big band scores, jazz heads, funk, reggae, latin and salsa, hiphop, rock, jazz fusion, and many other styles. More and more of these compositions will become available on this website for performance and recording. 

For more information on recordings of originals, visit the Naked Kitty Productions CD page
For more information on charts of originals, see the Original Music page.
For more information on hiring for original composition or commission, contact me at frank@franksinger.com

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Bachelor of Music Degree, Composition, Berklee College of Music, 1980
Berklee diploma

Cat's A Bear / original, contemporary jazz featuring the compositions of Frank Singer
Original Jazz

World Music

John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist Award in the World Music Category for Unity And Diversity 1998
Unity and Diversity award

Generations string quartet by Frank Singer
Generations string quartet

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