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ALL OF ME Tritonic Reharmonization 


All Of Me follows an A B A C form. I use the standard key of C major for this reharm. The bulk of the tune uses a cascading sequence of V - I changes pivoting around Eb - G - B tonal centers. It can get a little tricky to keep track of where you are. The end of the B section moves into the E - C  tonal centers, which suggest the third party of Ab, and then a half-step II - V moves us back down to F-7 to start the cycle again. The second ending pivots into G major until the Ebmaj7#5, then begins to cycle again, even as the Eb resolution is sounded. 

I had to tweak the melody at the end of the first A section into the B section as follows: In the last measure of the A section, the F is held for a half-note, then the E which would normally come in the next measure sounds on beat three for a half-note. The B section begins with the D# as a half-note, and then the D natural is played for a full half-note starting on beat three. This was the only adjustment needed.

There is an intro and a coda for this one. The coda drops to E and then used that as a pivot into the E - C - Ab tonal centers, which allow the ending in C. I also use the stock ending, but end on a Cmaj7#5 to bring out the G# as the continuation of the F - F# - G part of the line. Here are my changes:


Intro   ||:   B   G#7b9   |   C#-7   F#7   :||   (vamp)

A   F-7   Bb7   |   Eb   F#7b9   |   B   D7   |   G(6)   Bb7(#11)   |   Eb   F#7   |   B   D7(9/b13)   |   G   Bb7   |   Eb   F#7   ||
B   B   D7   |   G   Bb7b9   |   Eb   |   G-7   C7   |   F#-7   B7   |   E   G7   |   C   |   F#-7   B7   ||
A   F-7   Bb7   |   Eb   F#7b9   |   B   D7   |   G(6)   Bb7(#11)   |   Eb   F#7   |   B   D7(9/b13)   |   G   Bb7   |   Eb   D7b9   ||
C   G   E7b9   |   A-7   D7   |   G   Bb7   |   Ebmaj7#5   |   A-7   D7   |   G   Bb7   |   Eb   |   G-7   C7   ||

The tag begins three bars before the end of the C section as a coda, which follows:

Coda   G   F   |   E   |   Bb-7   Eb7   |   Ab   B7b9   |   E   G7   |   C   (stock ending)   Cmaj7#5   ||

During the solo section, the altered tensions are dropped from the chords, except in the last bar of the second A (D7b9), and the first bar of the C section (E7b9). Bar four of the C section (Ebmaj7#5) also remains. Have fun!  [ top ]



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