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ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE Tritonic Reharmonization 


All The Things You Are* follows an A A B A form, where each A section is a variation. In the original, the first A section uses the keys of Ab and C, the second A section moves the melody into the keys of Eb and G, and in the final A section, the overall key of Ab prevails, with an added four bars, making it a twelve-bar section. I use the melody from the original key.  

I only had to tweak the melody at the end of the last A section as follows: in measure 9, the F which normally occurs on (or around) beat two is changed into a Gb. This was the only adjustment needed.

The tritonic groupings are as follows: in the first A section, the keys of B, G, and Eb precede the keys of F, Db and A. In the second A section, the keys of F#, Db and Bb precede the keys of C, Ab, and E. (This maintains the same down-a-fifth relationship as the original harmony.) The B section begins with the same grouping of C, Ab and E, and is followed by the keys of A, F and Db. The last A section mimics the first, adding the keys of D, Bb and Gb for the extra four bars. All twelve keys are represented.  Here are my changes:


A   B   D7   |   G   Bb7b9   |   Eb   |   G-7   C7   |   F   Ab7   |   Db   E7b9   |   A   |   G#-7b5   C#7b9   ||
A   F#   A7   |   D   F7b9   |   Bb   |   D-7   G7   |   C   Eb7   |   Ab   B7b9   |   E   |   D-7   G7   ||
B   C   Eb7   |   Ab   B7b9   |   E   |   B-7   E7   |   A   C7   |   F   Ab7b9   |   Db   |   C#-7   F#7   ||
A   B   D7   |   G   Bb7   |   Eb   |   G-7   C7   |   F   Ab7   |   Db   E7b9   |   A   |   E-7   A7   |   D   F7   |   Bb   Db7b9   |   Gb   |   (C#-7   F#7)   ||

During solos, you can choose between maintaining the alterations on the dominant chords and the minor-sever-flat-five chord at the end of the first A, or converting all the dominants to natural tension chords and using an unaltered minor-seventh chord. Have fun!  [ top ]

* A recording of All The Things You Are can be found on the CD oFF tHE tOP: standards 1  Frank Singer plays Straight, No Chaser on oFF tHE tOP: standards 1 / click here for more info



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