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The articles presented here first appeared in the JazzErie newsletter as monthly installments. They have been updated and added to to create a larger body of informative material. Jazz Perspectives present a general history of jazz, with insight into the ways jazz is created. The Theory Den Jazz Theory articles will help musicians interested in bebop to master their craft. Also included in the Theory Den are explanations and examples of Reharmonization. Some of my favorites are the standards which have been reharmonized using tritonics, or "Giant Steps" changes.

Jazz Perspectives / Views on the History and Definition of Jazz Interested in Jazz Perspectives? Read some short articles here

Jazz Theory (BeBop Drills) / The Language of BeBopInterested in some practical applications of Jazz Theory? Enter Theory Den here.

Tritonic Reharmonization (Giant Steps reharms) Just have to see those Giant Steps Reharms? Jump into Tritonic Reharmonization here.

Check back for updates on the American Music section and ALL of the upcoming additions to franksinger.com!American Music OVERVIEWS
Structural Elements for study  

My degree from Berklee is in composition, and as I consider improvisation to be spontaneous composition, my studies of American Music merge these two streams. As I develop this aspect of my website, I will add more on improvisational techniques, which will have broader applications than strictly jazz. I have found mastering any system of improvisation gives you control over some facet of your playing that you did not have before. This begins with the new OVERVIEWS section, which organizes the structural elements of music for the practicing musician.

Please note this section will remain a work-in-progress for some time to come, but there is plenty to get you started!

Linear Rhythm Concept is a way of working with time in small parcels of events. I have worked with Linear for many years, finding it a rich source of ideas for complex time as well as syncopation and layering. These articles were part of a class presentation.

Linear Rhythm Concept 1: Linear Drumming
Linear Rhythm Concept 2: Linear Drums And More
Linear Rhythm Concept 3: Orchestrating Linear For The Trap Set

Resources and Definitions

001 Handout: Cells
002 Handout: Groove Examples
003 Resources and Definitions (document in pdf form)
Linear Picking 1 (guitar)
Linear Picking 2 (guitar)
Time Drill (piano)


In addition to being a private music instructor for almost fifty years, I have given clinics and workshops in school systems and University classrooms in Pennsylvania and New York. A strong desire not to misinform, and a wife who is an English professor and experienced editor, have motivated me to get the facts as straight as possible before embarking on these endeavors. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or corrections.



Jazz Perspectives / Views on the History and Definition of JazzJazz Perspectives

Jazz Theory (BeBop Drills) / The Language of BeBopJazz Theory

Tritonic Reharmonization (Giant Steps reharms)Reharmonized Jazz Standards

Check back for updates on the American Music section and ALL of the upcoming additions to franksinger.com!Overviews

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theory terms and concepts

Chord Tones [ within article ] 

Extensions [ within article ] 


[ separate page ] 

Passing Tones [ within article ] 

Scale Approach from above

[ within article ] 

Chromatic Approach from below

[ within article ] 

Embellished Whole Step

Scale Approach from above

[ within article ] 

Tritonic Reharmonization

(Giant Steps Reharms)

[separate page]

Hexatonics [separate page]

Hexatonics [within article]

Tetratonics [within article]

Pentatonics [within article]

Overlay [within article]

Chord Scales [within article]

Reggae chaka [within article]

Reggae dub [within article]




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