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Entropy level indicator

The Entropy Report - current entropy level and forecast

Split Second Spikes with No Warning, says ENTS


You are having a seemingly normal day. When you pick up your cup to drink, it doesn't spill, and you place it back down on the table without thinking. In the next moment, you do the same action, but this time, you spill the drink all over yourself, and upon putting the cup back down, you chip the edge AND the table.

Just one of those things? Hardly, says ENTS spokesman Leif Branches. The Entropic Network Tracking System has been receiving thousands of reports per week of what ENTS calls "suspicious sightings" of entropic turbulence. These spikes were predicted, and will continue throughout the summer and early fall.

"The persons contacting us are not sure they have experienced an entropic spike because they are so brief, and seem to come out of nowhere." This contradicts the usual expectation of graduated increases and decreases that have noticeable curves to them. "The intensity of the spikes and their subsequent departure are what prompt many to report what might otherwise be dismissed as 'coincidence'. Of course, ENTS rejects the random coincidence, especially when it comes to entropy."

Still, says Branches, everybody has an off moment now and again. How to tell the difference? ENTS suggests the following guidelines:

  1. Note extreme contrast between moments of flow and moments of entropic activity. Spikes will be very dramatic.

  2. Look for multiple spikes seconds or minutes apart. This is not always the case, but when it occurs it is almost always a turbulent entropic event (TEE).

  3. Check with others in your vicinity. Entropic turbulence can be extremely localized, to a room or a house, or to a small to large community area, like a block or town.

The Entropic Network Tracking System also recommends some ways to ride out entropic turbulence:

  1. If you think you are experiencing entropic turbulence, STOP. Don't move, simply hold anything and everything in place for a few moments. While this is good advice in normal conditions, during a TEE it can save you from property damage and injury.

  2. Practice slow, deliberate movements. During a TEE, this is the safest way for movement. Tai Chi can assist this endeavor, and any form of movement study gives advantage during a TEE.

  3. BREATHE. Slow, deliberate breaths go hand in hand with deliberate movement. Any study of abdominal breathing will help.

  4. Buy CDs from NKP. While no scientific studies have been conclusive, anecdotal evidence suggests that relaxing to an NKP CD has anti-entropic effects on the listener.

So the next time you sense that drink start to spill, take a slow, deep breath, carefully place the mug on a table, walk slowly over to your CD player, and put in oFF tHE tOP: standards 1, Generations String Quartet, Eye of the Pyramid, Tito In Wonderland, or Tito: In Search of a Revolution and relax. If nothing else, you'll feel better!

Predicting entropy is not an exact science. No guarantees are made regarding entropy forecasts, and plans foiled from unexpected entropy or compression levels is not the responsibility of  this column or website. Naked Kitty Productions is a sponsor of the Entropy Report™, and as such forsakes all liability regarding the calming and focusing effect of CDs from NKP.


molecules fall apart
do NOT operate machinery
ENTROPY - hold down objects
after placing on tables
relax and enjoy the ride
keep setting clocks ahead
remember to breathe
universe starts over

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Spring, 2003

Early Summer, 2003


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On Thursday, March 25, 2004, Pennsylvania state police and agents of the FBI and Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided the home and business of Darrell Sivik and arrested him for one count of unlawfully receiving, possessing and/or transferring an unregistered firearm; one count of conspiracy to unlawfully receive, possess and/or transfer an unregistered firearm; and one count of unlawfully manufacturing a firearm.

The firearm in question was a machine gun, allegedly manufactured by Sivik himself.

Although Sivik was arrested for illegal gun manufacture, he also operated a small radio station which he called "Braveheart, home of the Pennsylvania American Patriot Radio Network". The station had a five to fifteen mile radius of broadcast, and was devoted to a talk format. The tone was clearly anti-government, and Sivik's fundamentalist beliefs and Militia leanings were the focus of much of the discussion. Militia groups around the country have expressed concern that Sivik was targeted for the views he expressed on his radio station.

In addition to an anti-United Nations stance, Sivik has been active on issues currently more mainstream, including attempting to have "West Mead Township declare the USA Patriot Act unconstitutional and void in the township."

Kennedy Thompson protests Darrell Sivik's arrestOn Monday, March 29, Kennedy Thompson, Music Director and Founder of One World Tribe, joined a small group of protesters across from the Federal Courthouse in support of Darrell Sivik. When I saw the photograph in the weekly news wrap on Sunday, I contacted Kennedy and requested a brief interview via email.

This is the result of that interview:

1) Why were you protesting?

I feel that he is being railroaded, because of his positions on gun control,  and (because) his radio program talks about the government in a very unflattering way. So they wanted to kill the messenger.

2) What got you involved in this protest?

A friend of mine who follows his radio program wanted to know if I was interested in showing support for Sivik, and I said 'of course', because you know these feds have an agenda to lay the ground work for the NOW and I felt it was necessary to let them know everybody isn't stupid.

3) What did you feel the injustice was?

The fact that they want to give him 25 years for something the constitution says is one of his fundamental rights.

4) Why did you want to show support for Darrell Sivik?

Because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (A paraphrase of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

5) Did you know about Darrell Sivik prior to his current arrest?

I had heard a few of his radio programs.

6) Do you agree with Darrell Sivik's positions on:

     Federal Authority

          Most of it. They are the greatest criminals on earth.

     United Nations

          The United Nations has a role to play in the world, but I think it could be used to undermine national sovereignty.


          I'm not sure of all his beliefs, but he should not be criminalized because of them.

     New World Order

          Most definitely.

     Registering weapons

          Yes. I just go by what the second amendment says. "The right to bear arms." If people don't like what it says, then they should work to change the Constitution or go live somewhere else.

7) Please list any other comments or positions regarding this protest:

Yes: wake up the sheeple, they're getting ready for the shears.

- chelaBOP March, 2004

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Entropy specialists and predictors stated recently that an alarming trend towards higher levels of entropy continues. Measurements from last year's entropy levels show a definite trend towards an overall increase. 

Noticeable signs include wars, aggressive behavior, shootings, economic instability, accidents, disasters, and an exponential increase in telemarketing. The Entropic Institute warns that unless more is known about this phenomena, simple counter-entropy agents cannot be prepared in time for future entropy inoculations. 

Although no government or research agency now endorses these claims, street wisdom reports that CDs from NKP seem to have a beneficial effect. Many are using this treatment as a home remedy for entropy's symptoms.

 - Filed by Ferd Wallnetto Snitzlevlot , field reporter for the Entropy Report

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